Online Events Made Easy & Stress Free

Online events are here to stay, make your next one a memorable one!

We Make it EASY for you to run Fantastic, Entertaining & Engaging Online Events!

We can supply everything you need, the tech, the host, the speakers and more. You just need to click & connect!


Leadership & Business Inspirational & Motivational Sales & Culture

Health & Wellbeing

Master of Ceremonies

More than ever you need a professional MC who knows what they are doing online. It will make all the difference!


We supply all the tech you need to run a quality online event and you get to keep the recording afterwards.

Say NO to boring online meetings & events!

Let's face it.

We’ve all spent more time online in the past year than ever before and forced to sit through some truly boring online events - it does NOT need to be like that!

With 20 years’ experience in the speaking and events industry, we’re rolling all that knowledge into helping you bring your online event to LIFE.

So, how can we help?

We take the hassle out of organising online events - we supply the Host, the Presenters and all the Technology you need for a hassle free, no stress online event – all you need to do is ‘Click and Connect’!

Everyone wants a MAKE IT EASY BUTTON and that's what we provide, click the button and find out what we can do for you.

If you’re holding a Sales or Leadership meeting, we have the presenters for you. If you're holding a Health & Wellbeing session or looking to bring Motivation & Inspiration to fire up your team / audience, we've got you covered on that too. What about a facilitator or specialist to run a series of workshops? Yep, we got you covered there too.

Just hit the MAKE IT EASY BUTTON and we take it from there.

The One-Stop-Shop For Everything You Need To Run Fantastic Online Events. We make it so easy for you to 'Click & Connect'.

Combining years of experience to make it easy & stress free for you.


Warwick Merry MC

Australia's Premier, triple certified Online Master of Ceremonies,

Catherine Molly

Communication Expert, working globally and specialising in Sales, Service and Leadership.

Ian Stephens

Human Durability – going beyond resilience to sustaining optimal performance.

Colin D Ellis

Together we can create great workplace cultures.

Peter Thurin

Inspiring people to "Do Something"

Avril Henry

Passionate about transforming leadership models, building diversity capabilities and reforming outdated workplace practices.

We specialise in Sales, Leadership, Business, Health & Wellbeing, Motivational & Inspiring Speakers

Ritu G. Merish

Beam in the best International Leadership Speakers at NO Extra Costs

AJ Kulatunga

How Do We Adapt, Innovate And Lead To Thrive In A New Era Of Business?

Simon Doble

Educator. Innovator. Advocator. His company SolarBuddy aims to end Energy Poverty for so many people in the world

Steven Bradbury

Last man standing, brings the WOW to every event.


Dr Neryl East

Be Heard, Stand Out, Command Influence

Rob Hartnett

People can change, things can be better. Anything is possible.

Sally Foley-Lewis

Productivity, Self-Leadership & Essential Skills for Managers

Here's what to expect

Your event in safe hands

A Highly Engaging Host

Fantastic Experienced Speakers

Breakout Rooms & Networking Opportunities

The Technology taken care of for you - All you need to do is Click & Connect

We can manage Registrations and Reminders

You and Your Company Looking Good

Today's ever changing environment has seen a huge rise of online events, let us help you make your next one a great one!

The stress of getting it right on the day can be overwhelming

Making fantastic and engaging online events needs to be the "new normal".

Organised for the people tasked with running events, by people in the business of making great events.

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